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Norwegian guest

posted Jul 22, 2012 21:40:45 by sneepon

I am a Norwegian who is coming to UK for the rest of this year, and I would very, very much like to catch a barbel!

I will stay in Lancaster with my family, and unfortunately my time for fishing will be limited. Fishing is something I do as often as I can, mostly for coarse fish. Tench, carp and bream in lakes, and chub and grayling in the rivers. There are no barbel in Norway! I have some 30 years of experience with coarse fish, and I have read a lot about barbel in British angling literature over the years. I have to admit I have become a sucker for a "traditionalist" approach, and will bring my Avon splitcane rods with me, with centrepin reels (I do have some fixed-spool reels as well...;)

I will try River Ribble, which will be my nearest barbel river, but a trip to the famous Severn sometime during the fall would be great. First, I need to get access to the river, which is quite different from what I am used to home in Norway, where coarse fishing is basically free everywhere you go (salmon and trout is different...). I understand there are some day ticket stretches along the Severn, but could I also become a member of some club, and get access to more water?
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