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posted Oct 07, 2011 19:35:59 by grif888
Im hoping to go to Trimpley on Sunday and was wondering if any one knows how its fishing at the min?This is going to be my first proper session in many years so are really hoping to land a nice barble!1
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TimHughes said Oct 09, 2011 16:36:06
Hi Grif, Hope things went ok?
grif888 said Oct 09, 2011 19:19:51
Hi. Yeah had a great day thanks. started about half 11 only for a few hours but had a nice barb of say maybe 7 or 8 lbs? Not have any scales with me. I fished about 100yards up stream of where the resiorvoir out let runs into the river. Would have nice to have stayed for longer to have got the shoal feeding but im happy with the one barb. How do I upload pis? Iv got a nice shot of her.
TimHughes said Oct 09, 2011 19:29:38
You have to put them on photobucket of facebook and then fill the URL link in when you click add image. Or send it to my email and I'll put it in the gallery.
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