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Rolling Baits

posted Aug 04, 2011 11:35:58 by leew1977
With the Severn being a bit out of sorts recently being low and all i decided to try the Teme around worcester. With little success other than plenty of chub on static baits.My father-in-law who used to fish the teme regularly suggested freelined or rolled baits and said he'd come along to show me how its done, so i got him a guest ticket and off we went.Oh boy did he show me check out my facebook page to see the pictures of the biggest barbel i've ever seen at just under 14lb on a great big lump of freelined cheese.All i could catch were chub so i went home with my tail between my legs.Got to admit with the low conditions this freelined/stalking approach is addictive polarised glasses are a must though. Was just wondering has anyone on hear got any tips/stories on this method??
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TimHughes said Aug 05, 2011 10:14:12
Hiya Lee, good post. Can you copy and paste it into 'barbel topics' please mate.
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