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Bait droppers

posted Jul 08, 2011 14:55:32 by Andy
I have just purchased a couple of bait droppers in medium and large sizes. I have never used them before and always thought they were a close in method, but a buddy of mine soon changed that when he gave me a lesson in how to use them and he was swinging them out over the river for quite some distance, and being pretty accurate too. I also saw a clip from the dvd Barbel Days & Ways on You Tube showing the fishes reaction to the dropper. It really was an eye opener and really interesting to see how quickly the swim built up and fish moved on to the feed. There appeared to be some pretty good one's too!. I'm going to be out on the Severn this weekend and I can't wait to give them a try
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James.W.Farrer said Jul 12, 2011 14:50:01
Hi Andy When I first started using a Bait dropper I was casting all over the place the best way I found to get the bait in the same place every time is to pick a spot on the far bank to aim at and too cast out if the Bait dropper lands in the place you want to bait up fine if not recast until your spot on then clip your line and then every time you cast your bait will land in the same place every time do this before you start fishing with no bait in the dropper.
If you are not happy clipping your line then put a 5 over slip knot on your line instead.
Andy said Jul 12, 2011 17:24:24
Hi James, thanks for the tips. I shall certainly be putting them into action next time I am on the river. Having never used a bait dropper before, it opens a whole new world of possibilities for me. I can't wait to give it a go.

Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried slamming a revolving door!
TrevorRidley said Jan 05, 2012 07:23:16
Hi Andy,have found baitdropper to be effective to give a boost to a swim when fishing with maggots in the summer.Often brings an immediate response.Not had good experience with the quality of baitdroppers on the market.With the plastic ones, the "gate" soon falls off.The metal ones are bit more reliable, but again, it is the hinge on the "gate" that easily gets bent.Any information about good quality baitdroppers would be appreciated.
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