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posted Jun 19, 2011 08:32:26 by NickLloydEvans
Hi, Fri 17th June. 4 of us fished the national trust stretch near Atcham, when we got there we could see that the river was very low, we started at around 7am and fished till about 7pm and all that was caught was the one chub 3lb, a bream at around 4lb and a few chublets. Tbh, its never never been as difficult as that, we never even had a knock and we tried everyhing.
We have all fished this stretch for a few years now and we usaully do ok. A couple of guys with us even used two rods, so in total we had six lines out and we still blanked !!! haha

Anyone else been struggling ? or are we just rubbish haha

Thanks Nick. :o)
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TimHughes said Jun 19, 2011 21:47:06
Haha, everyone is struggling mate. The river needs some more water to freshen it up a bit!!
NickLloydEvans said Jun 20, 2011 14:02:21
Ah thats good then. (I dont mean its good that everyone is struggling, i'm just glad that we are not the only ones!) lol :o)

When we were fishing on Friday, we used all sorts of excuses why the fish wernt active - "The fish must be still spawning", "the fish are all downstream", "the water is too low", "too much weed on the bottom", i think one of us even said "the fish might be feeding on the cadis hatching" plus many more!
If there was an excuse, one of us must have said it. lol

It was still great to be back on the river again tho, with us not getting any its just give more of an appetite to get back out there. As i said to one of the lads on the way back to the car "it would be boring if we all caught loads everytime we went out"....... Well it made me feel better anyway! haha

Tim i do agree with you on the river needing more water, hopefully we'll get some decent rain in the next week or so. Especially as i am away on holiday at the end of the week, so hopefully the river will be back to its normal self for the week after when i'm back! :o)

Best of luck to you all, hope it all improves soon.


Nick :o)
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