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New Season

posted Jun 14, 2011 11:45:27 by James.W.Farrer
Hi all just sat here trying to decide where to start the new season I was thinking of trying the weir pool at Holt Fleet but I have never fished a weir pool before so any advice would be fantastic.Has anyone on here fished it before is there any snags or is there any tips you can give me to help me on the day or do you think it's the wrong place to start the new season off or do you think I would be better advised to fish else where any suggestions ???.
Thanks in advance & good luck to all for the new season. Jim.
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TimHughes said Jun 15, 2011 10:07:28
Hiya Jim, I have fished Holt Fleet a few times - see catch reports - but have always fished the pointy end of the island at the far left, casting across or downstream. I hooked a monster, estimated at 14lb ish, which I lost at the net off there last season. One thing about the start of the season - some place hold fish naturally that you see evn in the close. Other places have fish attracted to them by continual baiting up during the season. i suspect the latter may be true of Holt. I will be going somewhere that I have been watching fish during the closed season. Holt is pretty deep and you can't spot any fish, I think you'd be better off going to a spot where you can walk around and fish for fish that you can see. I would recommend my local spots around bridgnorth - Knowle sands, Eardington, free stretches etc.
Tight Lines
James.W.Farrer said Jun 16, 2011 12:42:29
Cheers Tim thanks for the info hope to see you on the bank some time if you fancy a meet let me know.
I am coming down on the 24/06/2011 for 10 days and I will be fishing the Severn from Bridgnorth Golf Course downstream to Blackstone Farm and hopefully catch a fish or two I am praying for rain big time at the moment and it looks like my prayers are going to be answered but will the water get to the river and make that much difference in time is another question.But what the hell what will be will be we can't expect everything to be perfect every time we go .
My biggest dilemma at the moment is should I fish one rod or two any advice on the matter I have never fished two rods before but I was thinking of possibly doubling my chances but what do I do if I am fortunate enough to have two fish on at the same time (I should be so lucky ).
TimHughes said Jun 16, 2011 15:28:33
Hi James, I'll certainly join you for a day at the end of June. I can do the 26,27 or 28th if you let me know where you'll be? As regards the two rods I've copied a reply I made to a person last year asking the same question -

If you are touch ledgering/stalking/roving then obviously you'll use just the one rod. If however you are fixed in a swim, alot of people tend to employ a straight lead downstream and a feeder upstream, possibly with two different baits to test the water. Most of my mates employ what we call a 'snide', which is basically a straight lead cast downstream that will have a larger pellet or piece of meat than normal. This will be left undisturbed till a fish takes it - the other rod being used to supply a constant flow of feed via a feeder and a fresh hookbait every 20 odd mins. I like to think that using the two rods is tactical! (And increases chances LOL)
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