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posted Jun 02, 2011 17:28:50 by Alanirish
HI Alan / new member with reference to where we fish and what we catch.My father,and fahter inlaw,and best mates are all fortunate to be in prince albert angling society as you know we are spoilt for river fishing in shropshire especially barbel.
we have noticed that different areas of the river bring up totally different situations when it comes to barbel and the way they bite.
For example the barbel at the ferry house ,uffington tend to be slightly larger fish 8/9 lb + fish but their bites are very timid and tend to be isolated fish, now ,fishing cressage south of the bridge towards Shrewsbury the barbel there tend to shoal up a little and bite with that wrenching rod off rest type of bite,espacially when theres a coffee in your hand.The fish here seem to be slightly smaller 4/6lb and seem to be longer/slender type fish.
Im wandering if this is to do with speed of water flow,food in that area or what? Can anybody shed any light ?
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TimHughes said Jun 07, 2011 08:48:07
I reckon that varying types of bite can depend on loads of different things. I think the wrap arounds tend to happen when there are a few fish competing for food and the more gentle bites come when Mr barbel has time to think and consider his actions! I also think that if you use a heavy feeder that the bites will be much sharper as the initial taps may not dislodge the feeder itself, so when the feeder lifts the fish is already off and swimming. Also if you use a longer hooklink, bites will be more positive - the theory again being that the fish will be off and swimming possibly before the bite registers. Speed of the river may also come into it as the fish are snatching bits of food in a strong flow instead of having time to study and play with food items.
On the other hand I may just be talking complete rubbish!!
StuartEyles said Jun 16, 2011 11:18:44
I like the comment "especially when there's a coffee in your hand" !

I fished at Eardington Brook Section on the last weekend of the season back in March. As it had been a cold night I expected a slow start. On my third cast I poured myself a boiling hot cup of coffee and as I was pouring the coffee out of my flask something hit my right elbow. This something being my rod butt as a good barbel headed toward Bewdley ! The cold start was very quickly forgotten after the coffee ended up all down my leg ! The funny thing was that I had only been having a conversation with my brother the night before about how timid the bites had been at Eardington on my previous visit!

I used to fish the Great Ouse "above Bedford" a lot a few years back (before the otters managed to just about wipe out the barbel population) and down there there were very few fish but nearly all doubles. The bites were the same though, the odd little knock and then the 4 foot twitch! If you watch barbel feeding they tend to pick up the bait and move across the current. Once they feel the weight of your lead or feeder and with the flow on the Severn they only need a quick flap of their tail and they can soon give you a "wrap round".

These bites are all part of what makes barbel fishing so damn exciting!

I will be up there on Saturday for an early season visit which will be a new one on me as I normally don't go until later in the summer, this time I will concentrate on my rod instead of my flask ! If you see a grey Range Rover in the car park and an ugly bald bloke with a big silly grin on his face then that could be me !
TimHughes said Jun 16, 2011 15:25:43
Hey Stuart, what time are you going? I'll meet you for a fish if you like?
StuartEyles said Jun 16, 2011 18:22:35
We will be leaving Northants about 6am so should get there about 7.30 ish. My brother will be with me so if you are about then please say hello!
DeanFisher said Jun 28, 2011 21:26:43
Just an idea what do the rest of the members on here think about one weekend us all meeting up for a weekends fishing ?

I would love to get back onto the river and can not think of a better way of doing it than have some other lads who are as mad about barble fishing as i am.

just an idea

TimHughes said Jun 28, 2011 22:51:20
Hi Dean,
Several people have now suggested this, so I've posted a forum topic and see what the response is like. If I can get say 10-15 people I should be able to get a good deal on accommodation and possibly some grub. Have a look and post on the topic with any ideas
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