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river severn fishing .

posted Nov 16, 2010 12:45:01 by StephenPugh
hi there everyone . i am in the middle of getting my tackle out and gear to attack the severn this weekend ,
was just wondering if anyone has had anyfish over this weekend gone , im off by atcham bridge and was just wondering how to approach tackle wise ? is the water running high or low im unsure due to me living two hours away , (not far to drive for the barbel) and was thinking what way to approach , halibut pellet, meat, maggot etc . i will be using particles in swimmfeeder and just thinking what the fish are being caught on ,
any advice will be very gratefull , tight lines eveyone , ste
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TimHughes said Nov 16, 2010 18:56:19
Nobody is catching a great deal mate. The river is cold and about 6ft up, lots of colour too. I'd be thinking meat! Have a look on my diary page and there is a river severn webcam link on the blogroll.
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