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is it too cold for barbel fishing?

posted Nov 09, 2010 15:27:54 by StephenPugh
hi everyone ,
i am having a bit of a argument with my fishing buddy , he seems to think that the barbel switch off during this weather but i think that it is still very fine to go for the elusive barbel ,
i will be going to the severn sometime over this weekend or the next so i would like to see how you all think that fishing on the severn is still fine in this weather ,

think he might be a bit worried about the weather getting colder and hes not getting any younger , haha
any answers will be gratefull to end this argument.
thanks for your time on this matter chaps , ste
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TimHughes said Nov 10, 2010 10:31:02
Hiya Ste,
I'd say that if there is a cold snap it can turn the barbs off. However, once they egt used to it they will be fine. I'm fishing Hampton Loade and Holt Fleet this weekend and am still very confident!! The river has also had a good flush through with fresh water which was nice and warm.
At this time of year you need to think about starting to feed less as it cools down. Don't feed loads of pellets & boilies, feed particle baits like hemp or clouds of method type mix. I use open ended feeders with a method mix including hemp and a few pellets in. Also try to start using lower oil content baits.
StephenPugh said Nov 10, 2010 12:49:51
hiya Tim,

thanks for the reply , just as i thought i will be going next friday through to the sunday , as always i wll take on board you advice , i think i will use a cage feeder around the three to five ounce mark with hemp and small particles, and target them that way .

hope you have a good one Tim over this weekend coming , as always i will chat through your forum , which by the way is fantastic and well put together , and pass on what knowledge i have which isnt much but has caught me a few sevens , and i beat my personal PB earlyier this year 8lb from the severn of course.

tight lines evryone .

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