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Supermarket Bait and addatives??

posted Oct 19, 2010 19:20:46 by TimHughes
I have noticed that everyone including myself, has been spending more and more on 'new fandango' baits, glugs, dips, groundbait etc etc. I have decided that I'm going to make my own boilies and do my own hemp to reduce the cost. I have got my rolling table, burco boiler and have got some bargain addatives off Ebay. I have sorted my boilie basemix (fishmeal, semolina and prawn, salmon & tuna dry catfood) and have a few flavours. I was wondering if anyone could reccommend any cheap, quality, supermarket available baits/ingredients/addatives or flavours that I could use in my boilies or indeed as an alternative to boilie or pellets. Even Celebrity Bacon Grill is £2.60 now!!!!!! I have heard Fenugreek is very good??
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AngusRae said Oct 20, 2010 08:59:41
1 tsp of Bovril in 4 egg fish/meaty base mix seems to work well for me.

Chilli powder and Turmeric are spices that I have used in barbel baits in the past that seem to have worked.
Andy said Oct 20, 2010 19:54:07
Tuna & Chilli boilies are pretty good too!
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TimHughes said Oct 20, 2010 23:09:23
Cheers fellas. I'll give them a go!!
AndyWareham said Oct 21, 2010 20:10:29
Lots and lots of stuff in supermarkets, spices are a winner, milk powders, marmite/bovril etc. if you have an oriental wholesaler near you, wow! they are a real Alladin's cave of stuff, loads of fish extracts Belachan etc.

Bait ingredients are only limited by your imagination.....
TimHughes said Oct 21, 2010 20:31:24
Cheers Andy - I have got a block of belechan, mmmmm smelly. I have used milk powder as part of my basemix and a very little used spice/herb that used to drive them wild I'm reliably informed!! Are you talking about marmite/bovril (urghhhh) as a glug type thing or I suppose you can introduce it to your paste. I'm thinking creamy for winter and fishy/meaty for summeer.
AndyWareham said Oct 24, 2010 11:47:56
You can use marmite/bovril etc as a glug/dip or as a bait additive, fish find it very attractive, very high in vitamins/ minerals and a good food source (I hate the stuff yuk!!!!).

There seems to be a mis conception that fish meal based baits are no good in winter, They are!!!!! I use fish meals all year round, yes,they do slow down in winter, but. fishmeals still catch as much or more than any other type of mix once the water temps drop. You have no problems using a big lump of greasy luncheon meat during the winter, so why not fishmeal? it's still animal protein....

The other thing with Barbel is, being a river fish they have to use a certain amount of energy just to combat the current (probably in flood water conditions more than they would in summer conditions)so why not give em a good protein source?
TimHughes said Oct 24, 2010 13:09:23
Thanks Andy, I don't know if I could bare to have my bait smelling of bovril. It would sort of affect my enjoyment of my time on the banks if I'm gagging every time I'm using a fresh boilie!!!!

I'm trying to make my baits all very nutritional and worthwhile eating. If I just make them stink they will blow too quick, so I'm going for subtle, tasty, nutritional and hopefully longlasting baits. I'm waiting for my betaine to arrive before I knock up the first batch - can't wait to get going.

I made a one egg mix with just the basemix and it came to a nice paste, but seemed a bit tacky when I put it on the rolling table. I'm looking at adding a touch more soya flour to alleviate the problem.

Also, my rolling table is 12mm and I bought a 12mm sausage roller - apparently you need a sausage 2mm thinner than your rolling table!! What genius thought that up!!!???
AndyWareham said Dec 31, 2010 11:43:47
Did you catch anything on your baits Tim????
TimHughes said Dec 31, 2010 15:12:00
I made a load and then the weather went freezing cold. I'm going to spend the rest of the season messing about with different mixes and if I can get one that works well in the cold weather I'll concentrate on baiting up quiet areas during the closed season with the aim of luring out a monster come june. Fingers crossed!!
DeanFisher said Jun 24, 2011 18:43:56
Been a bit of a carp angler but this time of year i love nothing better than fishing the rivers when i can get time off from work. I make all my own boilies and have found the spicier the better, im trying different spices at the moment and have found out chillie flakes work very well and also a herb called devils claw (now you are all going to say what is devil claw lol )its a natural remedy for head aches but in a boilie it works great for carp/barble chub even like it .

I have made some with marmite they work very well especial when the water is slightly colored. Im in the middle of making some with Stilton cheese in the mix but cant get i right at the moment.Also i have been playing with flavouring my own meet and have found that the oil out of tins of tuna/salmon works very well.

I have also have brought some thing that called fizzers that break down in the water ,please forgive me if im tryed to teach others to suck eggs lol i have found that if you use i long hair rig and trap one between 2 lumps of lunchen meat it works a treat .

If i have an good results with some of my strange flavours i will post some picture

thanks for looking

leew1977 said Jul 26, 2011 19:01:31

Anyone know where to get hempseed in bulk cheap. My local pet store has shut and the others round here (Kidderminster) just as expensive as the tackle shop????

TimHughes said Jul 26, 2011 20:33:39
Go to TFM on the rabbit run mate, pretty cheap there but going up all the time!
Dan said Oct 18, 2011 09:19:16
What about flavouring up the plain old Spam? I thought about soaking it in hemp oil and chilli flakes, or chilli flakes on the garlic stuff? My main river attack this season is going to be about 2 weeks from now 'till end of the season and really not keen on boilies, although I have some Liver b8 and monster crab ones kicking about somewhere. I have some really stinky cheese/cheese and garlic paste in the freezer.

I'm mainly fishing the Ouse at Newport Pagnell which unfortunately is crawling with crayfish, so has anyone used those little plastic bait cages? Thought about mashing a few things in there soaked in hemp/halibut oil.

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