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posted Sep 25, 2010 08:58:44 by TimHughes
Has anyone ever made their won boilies/pellets?? If so what did you find to be successful ingredients?
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AndyWareham said Sep 28, 2010 21:22:19
Yep, Boilies, pastes, groundbaits etc etc, made my first specials in the late 1970's and have done pretty much ever since.
TimHughes said Sep 29, 2010 10:44:37
I tried to make my own boilies this week. It was the most basic mix (i.e semolina, egges, flavour - bobs your uncle type thing!)but came out looking like an actual boilie!! I have had a couple of books by John Baker, but they are far too technical and detailed for a novice bait maker to follow. I have bought a Burco boiler to boil them and hemp and will shortly be investing in a rolling table. Any tips much appreciated!
AndyWareham said Sep 29, 2010 18:18:36
it looked like a boilie cos that's wot it was. Not a particularly good one granted, but a boilie none the less. it doesn't have to be complicated and you most certainly don't need to get into HNV's, first limiting amino acids and all that jazz to make a half decent bait.

Barbel are not very complex creatures and will eat pretty much anything, if you were to combine semo, soya flour and fishmeal in equal parts (33% ish of each) and chuck in a good handful of curry powder to flavour 5 mls per egg cod liver oil 5mls CSL or similar per 2 eggs and you'll catch and it'll be cheap as chips, anyone can put a half decent bait together, if you want a great bait then you have to have a bit of knowledge.
MarkTearney said Oct 03, 2010 16:56:31
Try mixing grated parmesan cheese into your base mix of semolina/whole meal flour & eggs they realy do stink and are great for chub so cant see why barbs wont take them too. Add a little bit of sea salt too if you like ;)
TimHughes said Oct 04, 2010 15:29:52
I like the parmesan idea mate! Hmmmm, another batch this weekend I think. Cheers for that.
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