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To meat or not to meat!!!

posted Aug 16, 2010 12:31:18 by KarlSkivvyRichards
I've been toying with the idea of only using meat and natural baits and stop the pellets but i just can't bring myself to fish meat without taking any pellet. Also i used use huge chunks of meat i mean golf ball size and catch lots of barbel but now days i tend to use small size cubes or double tiny cubes. Just wondering if any of you could chuck some info on how your meat catches are doing ie size of cube,freelined,rolled,heavey lead long link... cheers happy spamming lol...
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TimHughes said Aug 17, 2010 19:29:04
Big meat at night small in the day I reckon! I use that pink stuff on mine, you know what I'm on about!
Andy said Aug 19, 2010 17:52:26
Some anglers on the lower Severn use a 1/2 tin of meat on the hook! For myself, I normally use cubes roughly 1/2 in square although I will also have some odd sizes also. I always prepare it the night before as it goes really firm and any flavourings added (I find curry powder really good) will be really soaked in. I normally use around half a tin for hookbait and cut the other half into really small cubes that can be introduced as loose feed or as an additive to my groundbait mix. Hair rigged or hooked direct, I have had some good results with meat and always carry some with me.

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KarlSkivvyRichards said Aug 22, 2010 11:09:52
Cheers for the replys, i tried an old sausage meat idea i used to use the other night but you guess what now't but three on the pellet hmmm... Gonna keep at it tho he who perseveres shall
DeanAston said Aug 23, 2010 18:09:54
why not use bollies ? teme severn do a winter bollie look on there web site .
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