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posted Aug 16, 2010 09:25:34 by TimHughes
BAA Blackstone water - Click to view
Near bewdley. A great water, with deeper holes and shallow runs.
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TimHughes said Aug 16, 2010 09:35:57
A tough day for me, but Karl caught a couple of very small barbel. We both fished pellet until it started to fall dark. Then switching on to meat on one rod. As you can see in the photos on the diary page the water was running low and clear - without doubt the fish were in my swim, due to the amount of fish flashing. I just wasn't skillful enough to catch em!!
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KarlSkivvyRichards said Aug 16, 2010 12:21:47
It is such a nice part of the severn tho dude. Just glad that what i thought would work did. So nice to have a plan work when you thinking about your fishing...
Andy said Aug 25, 2010 18:05:20
I was thinking about trying this stretch as I haven't fished it before. I know that you have Tim, so any hints & tips etc would be appreciated.
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TimHughes said Aug 26, 2010 09:56:45
Not really, I didn't catch anything!
DamionBurbridge said Dec 14, 2010 21:40:38
I fish here a lot. I've had three decent sized barbel one of over 12lb, the other two 5lb and 8lb.

I've fished a variety and not found one method to work more over another. Pellet feeder, maggot feeder, ledgered meat etc.. had one on each method. Pellet feeder dragged in a lot of chub to feed too.

Usually end up hooking them barbel when I'm on the stick float for roach at the bottom end. Typical with a 1 1/2lb bottom.
DamionBurbridge said Apr 02, 2011 17:46:22
I had a bigish barbel from here, not sure on size. Had it on a open end feeder rammed with meat and hemp. I had a last chuck it and chance it cast with a white chocolate boillie.. my bait runner screamed off. Result!

TimHughes said Apr 02, 2011 17:58:22
Nice fish mate! Can't be far off 10lb?
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DamionBurbridge said Apr 02, 2011 18:00:32
Clueless, as I forgot scales but it was a lump and a half. My biggest yet I would say. And very nice and fat.
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