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Erdington Brook

posted Aug 02, 2010 22:42:57 by TimHughes
Erdington Brook BAA Water - Click to view
A productive BAA Water just outside Bridgnorth.
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TimHughes said Aug 05, 2010 19:30:29
Fished Erdington Brook today for an hour and a half as the sun came out and was full blast in my face. Had 3 Barbel on 2x8mm pellets and my standard groundbait mix. Finall got to fish the beach bit where the cows go - Alot of potential for an all nighter I think!!
TimHughes said Aug 10, 2010 21:35:05
Fished for 6 hours with my mate pete. He caught one and I blanked!! Oh no, I hope its not the start of a bad run!!
TimHughes said Aug 22, 2010 16:27:05
Fished 19th August - Good session. I just caucght the 2 but Karl caught 3 nice fish! Very wet, a rising river and mild. Couldn't miss I suppose!
Mat said Aug 23, 2010 22:29:43
Fished the very same peg on Sunday 22nd. The river was high, due to all the rain, but as the day progressed, it must have dropped two feet !!.
As for the fishing, it started off well, with a screming take after half an hour, only to be cut off via one of the nasty snags that hide beneath !!. But not long after, my second rod was away and a nice 5 lb-er was in the net. After this hectic early action, the sun was high in the sky and so, as expected, things went quiet for the best part of four hours. But my mate Stu was on hand with his size 18 hook and a pint of maggots to keep us busy with small roach, chub and dace - - (i was waiting with baited breath for a barble to suck his maggot in and give him the fright of his life !! - - but it never happened !!)
Mid-afternoon and after consistent casting every half and hour or so,(a good tip from Tim) the reels started screaming again, and we ended up catching five more Barble within three hours, so we were well chuffed with the final results and the session as a whole gave me lots of food for thought. I'm no river Severn expert, although i've done my share of Barble fishing, but some of the incidents that happened got me thinking. Firstly, i found that my 8mm pellets on the hair had disappeared virtually on every retrieve, was this because of the stronger the normal current banging the bait around on the bottom, breaking them up? - - - I decided to put a single 12mm pellet on the hair and use one of those Korda hair stops that are designed to go inside the bait (anti crayfish i think) but although this helped, i still found on at least half the retrieves, the bait had gone, but the hair stop was still in the loop every time !!. So please fellow anglers, give me your thoughts on that one!!. Another consistent factor of the session, was that all of our fish were hooked within ten minutes of the cast!!, i imagine the reason for this is that Barble get excited when the feeder hits the spot and so makes them compete for the food very aggressively (just a guess - -with a hint of intelligence !!). All the fish caught were like peas-in-a-pod, with their weights within a few ounces , the biggest of the day being 6 lb 2oz, so i would like to hear of any larger fish being caught from this swim, or is it a typical shoal hang-out? - - either way, it's a cracking peg, in a great setting and no doubt i will return for more battles !!
KarlSkivvyRichards said Aug 24, 2010 12:24:19
Hi matt, yep there seems to be a lot around the 5-7lb mark around erdington which ain't a bad thing. As for the fish after casting i had one after changing to 2 12mm pellets about 5mins then cast again and it went straight away so guess it could be fresh bait going in. I always use a noose knot or slip knot instead of drilling my pellets it stops them breaking down so quick also glug them in oil i find hemp oil is great it slows down the break down and gives extra attraction brucey bonus...

cheers karlos...
Andy said Aug 24, 2010 18:15:16
Gotta agree with Karl here Matt. When I hair rig pellets,which have been drilled, especially the smaller ones, I find them either severely depleted or gone altogether upon retieval. My answer, different to Karl,is to use a bait band.I would suggest that both these methods would achieve the same goal of keeping your bait on the hook longer. I know that it may prove difficult to change a successful set up like a hair rig, but I have found my hooked fish/bite ratio hasn't really suffered in any way when using a band. The type I use slip over the hook and will hold a bait firmly in place and I find the pellets last quite a while longer. Another little trick is to encase your hookbait(s) in some paste mix. This will work better with larger sized pellets but can be done with a couple of 8mm for example. I find the smellier the paste the better, especially in coloured water! This acts as an extra attractant and again, keeps the pellets intact for longer as the paste, which would be fairly stiff, takes a while to break down. When I was down there with Tim the other week we noticed a lot of streamer weed over what looked like gravel runs. While it is a good thing to have such conditions in front of you, maybe this is one other reason why you were losing your baits as they may have got tangled in the weed or simply came off after being dragged across the gravel as you retrieved them. Or maybe, as you suggest, the strong current had something to do with it. I haven't been down there myself for a while, so maybe I will see you down there. If we do meet , I can tell you that I won't be losing my sunglasses again! Lol

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TimHughes said Aug 24, 2010 19:35:42
If you keep reeling in to find your hookbait having disolved every 30 mins, wind in every 20mins or for that matter every 10. You won't cock your swim up! Remember whilst the water is very warm your pellets are designed to break down quicker. Water level has little or no effect. Myself and Karl have fished the river with a good 10ft of water on it and have not had such problems. Banded pellet give a very unnatural presenation and I find will become loose very quickly as it begins to dissolve leaving it succeptable to our chubby friends!! OR maybe your pellets were not too fresh?? You know when you first open your pellets you can drill them all no probs, but when they are a few weeks old they dry out and spilt. I guess they may just get chipped away on the bottom if they are brittle?
Andy said Aug 24, 2010 20:38:42
Would have to disagree with you about the presentation with a bait band Tim. I always find them to be a good alternative when baits are being taken for no apparent reason when using a hair rig. Remember, we are talking about pellets that have been drilled so this must surely weaken them, however fresh/stale they are. A bait band does not require any drilling of the bait and the other plus is that, while with a hair rig you rely on the fish to suck the bait in thus, hopefully, hooking the fish, with a bait band, the hook is right there with the bait, in this instance a pellet, so if a fish sucks it up, there is every chance it will be hooked. The downside of course, is that if the fish feels the hook it may spook and eject the bait, but surely this is true of both methods.

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Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried slamming a revolving door!
Mat said Aug 24, 2010 21:58:29
Hmmmmmmm - - -looks like i've rattled a few cages with my query eh?!!!
As for the bait band thing, i've always followed the general theory that Barble prefer a long-ish hair, and if after chub, go for a bait virtually touching the bottom of the hook or a bait band.
But, lets face it Chub seem to eat anything presented to them, whether it's on a short, long braided, mono, rope hair !! and your bait can still be in the tin !! ha ha !! - - talking of Chub, do any of you catch any down on the Severn?. Im a big chub lover, and fish for them seriously on my local river. In my experience fishing the Dove, the once big chub virtually disapperared once the big barble took charge, and they became a rare catch, is this the same on the Severn?. Mind you, we were catching chublets on Sunday on the float and maggot.
As for my pellet problem, im thinking that the drilled hole is possibly why they break down quickly in the strong current of the Severn, as i dont seem to have this problem on my local river Anker, which has a slower flow. I like the paste around the pellet suggestion Andy, i may give that a go next time and Carlos' idea of dipping in oils. So i've got a few things to put into practice on my next sorte.
On another note, why is it that in most of the Angling press, Barble anglers dont seem to use feeders these days? - - out of fashion?!! - - im certain, that if i had'nt used a big feeder on Sunday, my catch rate would have suffered.
TimHughes said Aug 24, 2010 23:19:02
Even when they are out for half an hour or so they should still be just about there even in the warm summer water. I have always used drilled pellets. I agree with Matt that barbs like a hair, the only exception being when fishing the meat. Stale pellets are less oil rich, which is why they break or chip off on the bottom. They will disolve slightly quicker, but should last more then half an hour. Like I say, in my limited experience, I have not had a problem with pellets prematurely breaking down. Maybe try 10mm instead of 8's? Make sure that they are fresh as it makes a massive difference.
As regards the feeder thing, I beleive in smaller more intimate rivers or good a slack where you can use a bait dropper that fishing a plain lead can be beneficial. On the severn however, I feel they are essential on your upstream rod at least! Try doing what i said last time I saw you Mat - 2mins for 20mins - 5mins for 20 mins - 10mins for 20 mins - 30mins for the rest, I think it really works well and sorts out the lazy fisherman from the propper ones!!
Andy said Aug 25, 2010 05:54:32
I wouldn't say you have rattled any cages Matt, rather started a healthy discussion which has got to be good for the forum, right? I see there are little hints and tips being bandied about in the exchanges which again, has got to be good. I'm glad you like the paste idea bud, for myself, I'm going to try Karl's idea of glugging the pellets in hemp oil. I am also going to try a bait dropper too as I have never used one before so that will be interesting. Do they work better in summer or winter months? I am also intrigued about this thing Tim has mentioned - 2 mins for 20 mins etc. Over to you Mr. Hughes!
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Mat said Aug 25, 2010 18:08:38
I've used a bait dropper several times, but i think when after chub, you can spook them, but with Barble, i think they love the bait going in !!. Using the dropper does give you that confidence that your bait is hitting the spot, but i feel you do have to have a little knowledge of the swim first, as you could be chucking the bait into no-mans land (or should that be "no-fish" land !!). Plus your casting has got to be good on the day, especially if your throwing it 30 yards or so. Going back to my session last Sunday, i did keep one rod with a different bait on for the most part, basically changing between those sonubait barble pellets (i think they're just flavoured Lucheon meat balls to be honest !!)and good old pepperami. I caught one fish on the sonubait, and both baits stayed on the hair on every retrieve !!. But it still looks like it's going to take a special bait to wean us off those halibuts eh chaps ?!!
Andy said Aug 25, 2010 18:36:35
Hmmm, I didn't realise that you could cast bait droppers any distance. I always thought they were for close in work, but then, I don't know very much about their use. I would agree though that some knowledge of the swim would be a great advantage. I haven't been taking my second rod with me these past few times I have been out, but I might just try it as a 'sleeper' as Tim suggests and try out some other baits and see what happens!
Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried slamming a revolving door!
KarlSkivvyRichards said Aug 26, 2010 00:23:36
Hi chaps, all i'll say is that i've had pellets glugged for 12months and they still stay on for a good hour. The idea of a hair with the noose knot means no drilling plus they waft about a bit more freely on a hair and if you balance your hook size to the pellet hook ups should not be a problem. I find only braid works on this thought though so if you use a fluro or mono hooklink which i do whip a braid hair on first than knotless knot your hooklink on to get that waftey balance effect.... Just my thoughts only on this matter

cheers karlos
Mat said Aug 26, 2010 18:10:16
These glugged pellets sound good Karlos, i will be gluggin soon !! and you've given some serious thought to the presentation !!
As for hook-link material, this is a subject that i mess around with alot. My box is full of about a dozen different types of the stuff!!. Recently I bought myself a spool of ESP Sink-Link, and it does exactly what it says on the tin - - SINKS!!, and at 12lb breaking strain in weedy green, it works well for the barble. As for Mono hook-link materials, im a big fan of the new-ish powerline, it has resin mixed in to it and has got to be the most supple line i've ever used. This stuff simply does not kink like most of the other hi-tec mono's and at around £4.50 for a 20mtr spool, it works out a lot cheaper that some of the others on the market.
Incidently, i caught all my Barble at Eredington on both the above mentioned hook-link materials, but if im being honest, i can't make a claim to either of them being any better than any of the others. I know Tim is sold on Dacron and Drennan Sink-Braid, the latter of which i've used for many years to good effect, but at times the "Tangle" issue with very fine braids has had me swearing at times. But this is not as much of a problem if your casting at regular intervals like you do on the Severn, but when your fishing a more intimate river and having to leave you bait for longer periods, i can't help having that "is it tangled" thought !!
But let's face it chaps, if it works for you and it gives us all that confident feeling stick with it eh?!!

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