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posted Jul 20, 2010 09:51:34 by TimHughes
Tell us all a bit about yourselves and your angling background?
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TimHughes said Jul 20, 2010 09:57:07
My name is Tim Hughes, I'm 31 and live in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. I have been and continue to be a passionate Barbel angler for the last 6 or 7 years, although my original fishing background was sea based. I try to fish as many stretches of the middle Severn as I can and hope that through this site I can share info and indeed learn alot from people that join it. I work shifts (4 on 4 off) so have plenty of fishing time - Hopefully I will be updating the site alot more regularly this season!!
rodders said Jul 23, 2010 19:43:19
Ay up fellas,
Hi to all. Andy, I'm as nuts as you are, calling you Archie,(he called me Pete?????) sorry mate.
Hi to Tim also, well done on setting up this new site.
My name is Martin van Winsum, Rodders to all my mates. I'm located in Stone Staffs and have been an angler since a young boy. The Dove and Trent are my main fishing haunts with the Wye and Teme usually fished during my yearly holiday with a few mates. Working commitments have prevented me having too many outings this year but hopefully in the next few months I will get out a bit more.
I'll post some more info when I have more time....Take it easy and tight lines.....leave a few in the river for me to catch....
Take it easy....
rodders said Jul 23, 2010 20:05:34
Yes, it's all clear as mud now Andy. First week in September I'll be on the Teme, can't wait I love that river.
Take it easy....
TimHughes said Jul 24, 2010 00:57:03
I'm always up for a trip out to another river fellas!! You may well have to bear with me on some fronts cause i'm (so far) a strictly Severn barbel fisher. My ideas on how to fish may be not be the best for other rivers!!
rodders said Jul 24, 2010 07:37:34
Hi Tim,
Don't worry about not knowing th river or methods etc.....I haven't got a clue either. More importantly can you put up with two 'old timers' for a day.
Hope you can make it.
Take it easy....
LeeHewitson said Jul 28, 2010 13:49:22
hi fellas
i have been fishing the seven for a bout 4 seasons now and i am nuts about the place but i only get too fish it twice a year but that will all change soon as i am just about too pass me driving test (happy days).
i live in london so its a 2 and bit hours drive but that will not put me off at the weekends.
i am down on the 14 august for a week and i just cant wait.

LeeHewitson said Jul 28, 2010 15:13:02
hi andy
i am staying at highley area have not fished there before so any info would realy be helpful mate.
LeeHewitson said Jul 30, 2010 05:18:06
cheers andy
thanks for the info mate i will defo let you know how i got on.
just bought me self the korum twin tip so hopefully i will put it too good use.

IanMiller said Jul 30, 2010 17:51:52
hi guys just thought i would pop by and say hi to all fellow barbel anglers.will have to change my photo as holding a smoothound up doesnt look right.i fish the hampshire avon when i get the time as its about 2hours from me so i go down for two days and get a bb. am looking to come up there and fish the teme for a few days when work slows down as ive heard they fight alot better up their?plus theres more of them.?
great site tim.
TimHughes said Jul 30, 2010 19:35:06
Cheers Ian. Nice to have you onboard!
Mat said Aug 09, 2010 18:48:37
Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum stuff, so hope this is working !!
My name is Mark (friends call me Mat) I've been an angler for most of my life, fishing for most species, but over the last few years I've concentrated on the bigger end of the fish scale (plenty of blanks along the way chasing those elusive big-un's!!)
I've fished for Barble on both the Teme and Dove over recent years, with some success, but over the last couple of seasons I've been trying to catch a barble on my local river Anker (near Tamworth)..... Results to date? - - - none !!, but I've caught some big-ish chub and carp along the way, so it's not all bad. Barble in the Anker are generally a rarity, but when you find them, they can be very big - - trust me, I've seen them!!
So, after getting a little disillusioned , i promised myself a day out on the Severn to give me a new challenge. So i did some "Googlin " and came across Tim's web-site.
I first made contact with Tim a couple of weeks ago, as i wanted some advice on my first sortie on the Severn, and Tim came up with some great venues.
So, to cut to the chase, - - - although no Barble graced my net , the day was a very pleasurable one and it was great to chat with both Tim and Andy on the bank and "talk fish" (in-between Andy realising he'd forgot his landing net and searching for his lost Polaroid's for an hour or so !!). The river itself looked perfect and "screamed" Barble, so i will be returning in the very near future with both baited breath and hook !!
Thanks again Tim for all the help and advice.
TimHughes said Aug 09, 2010 22:22:00
Alright Matt,

Hope I cam sort you out better next time mate!!
JamesAshall said Aug 18, 2010 19:40:39
Alrite fellas, my name is Jim Ashall and i live in "Gods Country" thats Widnes Cheshire for the uninitiated. Been a keen angler for the best part of 35 years but only found river fishing in the last 3 years. I'm a member of Lymm AC and PAAS so fish mainly the Severn around Shrewsbury, Atcham area also the Dane around Cheshire and the Ribble at Preston/Ribchester, so i'll start posting some catch returns for the Severn in this area when i start catching.
Andy said Aug 28, 2010 16:13:04
Hmmmm, seems there are a lot of 'Gods Country's' around these days. We've got one down here too, it's called Lower Gornal! Anyway, my name is Andrew, Andy or Ajay to my friends. I am 55 years old and have been an angler for most of 'em! I live in the West Midlands so I have access to all the local rivers. But of course, my 'second favourite lady' is the River Severn. I cut my angling teeth on the river at Bridgnorth and have had a love affair with the town, and the river ever since.

P.S. If some of the posts above this one don't seem to make any make sense, it's because some of the posts are answers to my previous introduction which I deleted cos I thought it was too cheesy! Lol

Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried slamming a revolving door!
christianmayc0ck said Sep 08, 2010 13:24:45
Hi All,

Found this website whilst looking for some tips (nice site by the way) on how things are down in Bridgenorth these days. Names Chris (39) been fishing since I could walk and fell in love with the Severn many many years ago when an old friend introduced me to it (and Bridgenorth) as a young lad. Haven't been down for over a year now but am planning a long weekend down with my Dad over next few weeks to hopefully put a bend in the rod and taste some of that excellent cask ale down there. Seems a little quiet on here but hopefully someone can give me a clue to how the river is fishing and what streches are producing.

Tight lines Lads

Cheers Chris...
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